Restorative dentistry brings back structure and function to teeth. Dental crowns, bridges, fillings, and many other procedures are used to restore function and beauty to damaged or lost teeth.



Dental implants are one of the best ways to fill the space of missing teeth. They can also be used to anchor a number of dental appliances, including dentures and partials. A dental implant is a tooth root substitute. The implant body is placed by a specialist and our office provides the restoration (such as a crown, bridge, etc.) that is attached to the implant body.

Benefits of Dental Implants:
  • No adjacent teeth are affected (such as with a bridge)
  • Implants feel and act like a natural tooth
  • Opposing teeth will not shift into the empty space.
  • Dental implants are very strong, stable, and will last many years.


A crown (sometimes termed a “cap”) can restore a broken, heavily filled or cracked tooth to its original size, shape and color. Crowns can also be used cosmetically to enhance your smile. Dr. Zeigler utilizes several types of crowns, including metal-free and single appointment (Cerec) crowns (usually within an hour and a half). Visit our Hi-Tech page to read more about the Cerec technology.

Benefits of Crowns
  • Strengthens a damaged tooth (from decay or previous old restorations)
  • Protects a tooth that has had a root canal treatment
  • Enhances your tooth’s appearance


A fixed (non-removable) bridge is series of crowns fused together to replace one or more missing teeth. It is composed of a false tooth/teeth anchored by two crowns placed on the adjacent teeth. It is important to replace missing teeth for more than just aesthetic reasons. Your teeth support and rely on each other. Bridges help prevent remaining teeth from drifting out of position. A fixed bridge can replace a removable partial denture and restore your SMILE!

Benefits of Bridges:
  • Improves appearance and self-confidence
  • Improves bite problems
  • Reduces risk of periodontal disease and tooth decay
  • Provides the ability to chew the foods that you like


Composite fillings are virtually invisible and Dr. Zeigler can shade them according to the color of your teeth to create a perfect match, giving you a beautiful, metal-free smile! Composite fillings offer a safe, strong and attractive option to restore teeth. They conservatively restore your teeth to strength and your smile to beauty.

Benefits of Composite Fillings:
  • Color-matched to your own teeth
  • Can be used cosmetically to beautify your smile
  • Composite fillings require far less drilling of healthy tooth structure.


Root canal therapy is a remarkable treatment with a very high rate of success. Once root canal therapy has been performed, a fabricated post and core buildup will be placed to protect the integrity of the tooth. You do not need to live in pain or let your fears get the better of you. At our office, you can receive relief in a comfortable, pain-free environment.

Benefits of Root Canal Therapy:
  • Root canal therapy restores your ability to enjoy eating and drinking without discomfort from heat, cold, and chewing
  • Little or no pain involved with procedure
  • Removes diseased part of tooth and restores healthy portion of tooth


Dentures and partial dentures are removable devices that can restore a beautiful smile and improve performance They are an economical solution if you have missing teeth. A partial denture replaces one or a few missing teeth while a full denture replaces all of the missing teeth on an arch. We have many types of dentures and partials available at our office, including implant-supported and metal-free styles. Dr. Zeigler will discuss your needs and determine which type is right for you.

Benefits of Dentures and Partials:
  • Improves the appearance of your smile
  • Affordable option to replace missing teeth
  • Improves ability to talk and chew